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  • 科技管理
  • 組織學習與知識創造
  • 專利分析
  • 社會網路分析
  • 國立清華大學科技管理所博士
  • Senior Engineer, Department of Business Process Reengineering, TSMC台積電. May, 2003 –September, 2004
  • Senior Engineer, Department of Data Value Development, MXIC旺宏電子. June, 2000 – September. 2002
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  • 陳旻男、吳佳虹、謝怡銘. (2020) 混合式創新保護機制之動態歷程:資訊系統開發個案分析。產業與管理論壇, 已接受出版中.(TSSCI).
  • Chen, M. N., & Wu, C. H. (2020). Complementary-in use appropriability in innovative service firms: An empirical study in Taiwan. Research Policy, 49(7), 104014. (SSCI)
  • Kuo, C. I., Wu, C. H., & Lin, B. W. (2019). Gaining from scientific knowledge: the role of knowledge accumulation and knowledge combination. R&D Management, 49(2), 252-263. (SSCI)
  • BW Lin, & CH Wu. 2010. How does knowledge depth moderate the performance of internal and external knowledge sourcing strategies? Technovation, 30(11-12), 582-589. (SSCI)
  • WP Tsai, & CH Wu, 2010. Knowledge combination: A cocitation analysis. Academy of Management Journal, 53(3), 441-450. (SSCI) (Editorial material)
  • Chu-Hua Wu, Chia-Hung Wu, Pei-Hsuan Wu (2020)Innovation and Financial Performance from Technological Mergers and Acquisitions: Perspective from Organizational Learning Capability and Financial Slack. SFM Conference 28th.
  • You-Ta Chuang, David H. Weng, Chia-Hung Wu (2020) See you in your backyard: How Multipoint Contact in Product Markets Affects Firm's Expansion into Rival's Technological Areas. AOM Annual Conference.
  • Chia-Hung Wu, Min-Nan Chen(2019)Technological Regimes in Knowledge-intensive Industries: The Effects on Firm Innovation behavior. AOM Annual Conference
  • Yu-chun Chen, Chia-hung Wu (2019)The role of governmental intermediary in cross-country entrepreneurial resources transfer: A four countries comparison. R&D Management Conference
  • Chia-I Kuo, Chia-hung Wu, Bou-Wen Lin (2017)Gaining from Scientific Knowledge: The Role of Knowledge Accumulation and Knowledge Combination. AOM Annual Conference
  • 併購後知識整合:人際社會網路結構對疆界拓展行為之影響(MOST 109-2410-H-155-027 -) 計畫主持人109.8.1~110.7.31 科技部
  • 技術購併與創新績效: 知識轉移應用的影響效果 (MOST 107-2410-H-155-045 -) 計畫主持人107.8.1~108.7.31 科技部
  • 技術體制與創新進入:知識結構之觀點 (MOST 105-2410-H-155-050 -) 計畫主持人105.8.1~106.7.31 科技部
  • 知識結構特性與新領域創新績效 (│計畫編號: MOST 104-2410-H-155-049 -) 計畫主持人104.8.1~105.7.31 科技部
  • 高科技產業大數據分析、智能製造與數位決策技術研發同盟(PB10504-0124) 共同主持人 105.8.1~108.7.31 科技部
  • 人工智慧製造系統研究中心(PB10803-0009) 共同主持人 107.8.1~112.7.31 科技部
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