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6/11(Tue)【WeChat管院沙龍_CM Research Meetup】


6月份我們很高興邀請到美國University of New Haven王承璐博士蒞校,主要和大家介紹互動行銷的領域以及投稿JRIM一些常見問題和注意事項。

同時從期刊主編角度談投稿SSCI 文章中的一些普遍問題。歡迎大家一起來充電,提升研究能量UP! 也非常歡迎推薦博士生報名參加。


We are delighted to announce that in June, we will have the honor of hosting Dr. Cheng-Lu Wang, a tenured professor of marketing at the School of Business, University of New Haven, USA. Dr. Wang will be joining us to discuss the field of interactive marketing and address common questions and considerations regarding submissions to the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing (JRIM). Additionally, he will share insights from the perspective of a journal editor focusing on common issues encountered when submitting articles to SSCI-indexed journals. We welcome everyone to join us for this informative session and especially encourage doctoral students to participate. Let’s recharge and delve deeper into research!


WeChat管院沙龍 14場】CM Research Meetup   

時間Time: June 11 (Tue) 2:00-4:00PM

地點Venue: 六館3R60313B


The Advancement of Interactive Marketing: Research focus, Emerging Themes and JRIM Publication Guidelines



Cheng Lu Wang王承璐博士

Ph.D. Professor of Marketing, University of New Haven

Fulbright Scholar award (2017-2020)

World’s Top 2% of Scientists List, Stanford University (2021, 2022, 2023)


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The talk will be in English, but will switch to Chinese if there are no foreign teachers or students attending.
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