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EMI TALK: 6/4(Tue) 阮文信來自越南 Jackson from Vietnam| 6/5 (Wed) 阮碧玉來自越南 Jade from Vietnam

請注意本週時間變動:   6/5 週三 時間 中午 1:00 – 2:00


EMI TALK活動,歡迎同學報名參加!




配合教育部雙語教學計畫推動,管院EMI中心將舉辦EMI TALK系列活動。



Dear All,


We are pleased to announce the upcoming EMI TALK series event and extend a warm invitation for you to participate.

The interactive presentation will be an excellent opportunity for those who wish to practice English speaking skills or are interested in the featured topic.

We look forward to your participation~








Conducted in English