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Frustration as the driving force: an interview of the Professor Chia-Wei Huang from the Yuan Ze Finance

Associate Professor Chia-Wei Huang, a member of Faculty of Finance at College of Management, published a co-authored paper in 2015 entitled “CEO Overconfidence and Financial Crisis” in the Journal of Financial Economics, an A+ journal ranked as top three in finance. Dr. Huang, also a graduate from the class of 20xx of the MS in Finance Program of Yuan Ze University, does not only have an excellent performance in academic research, he is a very popular professor among the students. Dr. Huang said: Yuan Ze University emphasizes English proficiency, international perspectives, and solid academic training in finance. Since the school is willing to invest, academic resources are far beyond than of other schools.

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Insisting on place Taiwan under the spotlight: an interview of the Associate Professor Chih-Yung, Lin from the Yuan Ze Finance

Associate Professor Chih-Yung Lin, a member of Faculty of Finance, College of Management, published an article in the Journal of Financial Economics, an A+ journal ranked as top three in finance, in April, 2015, together with three other authors. At 35 years of age he achieves an outstanding performance in academic research. When asked about his expectations for himself, Dr. Lin indicated that he would try his best to take Yuan Ze students to the world-class academic arena and make them feel proud of being from Taiwan. This will show as a return for the millions of dollars of funding support from the College of Management, and, he smiled and said, also as the best reward for being a finance professor.

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Yuan Ze University College of Management highly appraised and invited to design management experience programs for a high school

Yuan Ze University School of Management, University of Cambridge School invited by the Ministry for the University of Cambridge high school students tailored foundation courses, held a week-long "2015 Decision Base" summer camp in July 20 to 24, managed by the University of Yuan Ze Institute leader Li Honghui, vice president, business management arrangements elite teachers in various fields in person at Yuan Ze University, new Taipei City Xindian District Cambridge school classes, high school students to make early contact with university courses, to confirm the future direction of his career, more planning so that students found in the course, Business and management textbook theory is not rigid, and many ideas and thoughts from life and surroundings, covered the TV ads, a new fiscal policy, corporate balance , to help high school students Cambridge preliminary Exploration Program of the core business and management knowledge.

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Hsieh Minyu, a faculty member of College of Management, won the 2012 Effie

Dr. Hsieh Min-yu, who also serves as the CEO of R&W Integrated Marketing Corporation, wins the 2012 Effie Award China. This award is given by the American Marketing Association (AMA), and is the most prominent honor of the world's four major marketing awards, along with the New York Festivals, the London Award, and the Cannes Lions Advertising Campaign. It is considered the "Oscar" of marketing. The Effie Award recognizes all marketing patterns with successful branding, and awards the most innovative and successful marketing communications each year. Winning the Effie Award has become an international achievement, and a dream of all marketing practitioners. With years of engagement in innovation, marketing and communications, Dr. Hsieh firmly believes that theories and practices should be closely intertwined. As a teacher, Hsieh wants to lead students to “know how” and show them the importance of “know why”.

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