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Service & Student Mentoring

In 2014-2015 (academic year 2014), Assistant Professor, Huai-Chun Lo, at faulty of Discipline of Finance, College of Management was awarded “Yuan Zu University Counselling and Service Outstanding”

Assistant Professor Huai-Chun Lo cared for students actively and devoted himself to various services in class, college, and university. He was the organizer of industrial and corporate finance program for bachelor degree and held many company visits, topic lectures, alumni experience sharing, and mentor lunch in order to advance students’ various abilities and increase the link with industry. He also promoted Finance Employment Program and Banking Service Industry Program to actively expand the channels of employment and placement opportunities for students, such as signing memorandum of cooperation and intern opportunities with Shin Kong Commercial Bank and President Securities; assisting the promotion and implement for the placement in Far Eastern International Bank; making the effort for the intern in Chailease Finance and the paid intern program of office work in the headquarters of Nan Shan Life Insurance Co. Ltd.; 26 students in total were arranged for enterprise intern. Moreover, he introduced domestic financial certificate examination institutes to hold the exam in the university, held many certificate promotion seminars, and set up financial certificate special webpage and FB to communicate with students directly, promote and give guidance to financial certificate, and encourage students to obtain certificate. Meanwhile, he supervised students to participate in the domestic wealth management competition and awarded several excellent performances of the second prize, merit, honors, and excellence.

In the 2012 academic year Assistant Professor, Yueh-Tsen Lin, Department of Organizational Management, College of Management, receives the “Yuan Zu University Outstanding Counseling and Service” Award

Assistant Professor Yueh-Tsen Lin devotes herself to student services in class, college, and university. In counseling students, she tries to understand their situation through meetings, virtual communities, and individual interviews and provides necessary immediate assistance. In addition, she also conducts guidance for students in the English Special Program to participate in “The Fourth TBSA National Colleges and Universities Innovation Competition” and receives the Excellence Award.

Associate Professor Chia-Ying Chan from Yuan Ze Finance recieves Outstanding Teacher and Counseling Service Award

Having studied at the UK, the Associate Professor Chia-Ying Chan of the Finance Group, College of Management, recieves receives the 2011 Outstanding Teacher and Counseling Service Award. When receiving the award Chia-Ying Chan indicated that there were more senior professors contributing selflessly in the area of student counseling. She also stated that was her honor to be part of it and her success is owed to the entire staff mobilization of the College of Managemen t.

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