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Teaching Improvement and Innovation

Our College of Management teaching vision is to innovative curricula to educate future business leaders by creating student-centered learning experience by continually improving instructional programs & methods and providing useful knowledge to students by continually strengthening links with business, local community, and international connections. <<Read More>>

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Human Resource Management Magazine Exhibition

Professors Yueh-Chun Lin and Hung-Hwei Li, the instructors of the course “Human Resource Management”, jointly run the exhibition of Human Resource Management Magazine. Students learn about the design of a magazine, the way we interview elite human resource managers, and the element of effective writing. Students do successfully apply the concept they learn from the course to produce a magazine that offers practical and informative information in the human resource management field. This application greatly enhances student’s sense of honor and fully explores the real definition of human resource management.<<Read More>>

YZU Interdisciplinary Learning Program

This year, YZU offers a program that allows collaborations between interdisciplinary courses which focus on applying knowledge from different disciplines, teamwork and being a maker. Students who join this program are those who take the course “Sales Marketing Management” offered by Professor Yen-Yi Chen from College of Management and the course “English for Science and Technology” offered by Professor Yo-Zhen Chang from Department of Chemicals and Materials Engineering. In this program, students team up to develop their project under the guidance and instructions from the course instructors and the elite company instructors from Taiwan Corning, Ogilvy & Mather, and Wistron Corporation. After a semester of brainstorming and the practice of creative thinking, these student teams demonstrate their project at the Corning Future Innovator Campus Event. Professor Yo-Zhen Chang said that this interdisciplinary learning program is good for students to apply cross-discipline knowledge to practical issues and to learn from teamwork. We hope the design of interdisciplinary learning programs can help encourage more students to become makers in different fields. .<<Read More>>

YZU-NCU Inter-University Program on Social Enterprise: First of Its Kind in Taiwan

Starting from September, Yuan Ze University (YZU) and the National Central University (NCU) will collaborate to offer an inter-university program on social enterprise. This first-time-ever program coordinates resources from two YZU colleges (the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and the College of Management) and two NCU colleges (the College of Hakka Studies and the College and the Yunus Social Business Center). Upon completion of the program, students will receive a diploma jointly issued by YZU and the NCU.<<Read More>>

In 2014-2015 (academic year 2014), Associate Professor, Yi-Heng Tseng, at faulty of Discipline of International Business, College of Management was awarded “Yuan Zu University Teaching Excellence”

Associate Professor, Yi-Heng Tseng, used lots of case-studying teaching approach for bachelor programs to bring the current trends into the class in order to make students understand the happenings of economy and current affairs. He also provided mock interview questions and answers for students’ future job and further education interview. In the curriculum of employment program, he invited several industrial mentors to share their industrial experiences in class; in addition, he designed investment competition simulation for students to experience the operations of funds and securities market from the competition and increase students’ correct concepts in finance and investment. As for MBA program, the focus is on empirical issues to develop students’ abilities of information collection and practical operation. The take-home examinations for midterm and end of the semester conducted situation-based design and case-based design in order to let students use their brains, conduct hand-on practical design, experience empirical analysis process, increase learning motivation, and receive practical operational training.  <<Read More<<

Course Improvement

  • Statistics class: Flipped Classroom and Problem Based Learning with 101 students. In 2015, 18 videos were filmed and 97% of students in the class were satisfied. (Weng, Robin Hua-Hung)

  • Human Resource Management class: Flipped Classroom. Students created a HR magazine as their term project and had a public exhibition. (Li Hung-hui & Lin Yueh-ysen)

  • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility class: Problem Based Learning. Cooperated with department of Art Design YZU & local community Na-Li Village, 120 students made community economics proposals as their term projects and had a public exhibition.(Huang Min-ping & Xia Irene)

  • International Human Resource Management class: Students both from CM YZU and University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) Malaysia had a cyber class & case discussion together. (Weng Jing-jing)

  • Leadership Capability Development Camp class: In the last four years, more than 380 students have taken the classes and completed 57 projects. (Lin Yueh-ysen, Hsu Wally)

  • Marketing Management class: Cooperated with department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science and Corning company, students were encouraged to submit their project work to Corning Innovator competition after end of semester. (Chen, Yan-I )

  • Retailing Management class: In conjunction with the companies in the field of retailing (i.e., SOGO, MEGA City, A-Mart, etc), students have a company mentor, participate in industry-led seminars and site visits, and work on several actual business issues. (Jiang, Luke)

  • An internship program in entrepreneurship. More than 100 students participated in the program in 2013 to 2016. The program was supported by the Workforce Development Agency in the Ministry of Labor. (Tseng Yi-heng).

  • An internship program in financial services. (Lo Huai-chun)