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Placement & Alumni

Placement & Alumni

Career Development and Alumni Services

Finding the right career path to a fulfilling life.

The Office of Placement and Alumni Services was established with the objective of providing students and alumni with information and consultation services related to pre-job preparation and career planning in order to give our students a competitive advantage in the job market. To this end, this office offers internship opportunities and holds employment expos. Through the services provided by this office in our role as “bridge” between students and businesses, we hope to help students find jobs and careers aligned with their personal qualifications and interests, and to be well-prepared to enter challenging work environments.

Service features include the following.

  • Helping students discover employment opportunities through active partnerships with enterprises.
  • Actively promoting domestic and overseas internship programs.
  • Providing employment information and consultation services.
  • Organizing campus recruitment activities, business briefings, company visits and other activities related to career
  • Maintaining the Alumni Database.
  • Managing the operations of the Alumni Association and holding alumni activities.