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EMBA Program

Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)

We have been a pioneer in the area of EMBA program in Taiwan since 1995. We aim to enhance the knowledge and competitiveness of students, and think the EMBA program plays an important role in training them to be effective leaders. Our faculty and specialists from various disciplines work together to bring up-to-date managerial knowledge to their classes, and we have included etiquette and business-related social activities in the curriculum to improve our graduates’ social networking and managerial skills. In addition, we encourage students to participate in overseas study in order to develop a wider perspective in management thinking and global view.

Key Features
  • Meeting the diverse needs of our students.
  • Competency Goals
    • Our graduates will demonstrate integrative analysis skills for decision making, strategy
           formulation, and strategy implementation.
    • Our graduates will demonstrate leadership and advanced communication skills.
    • Our graduates will understand the importance and the difficulties of behaving ethically
           in their professional lives.
    • Our graduates will demonstrate problem solving skills, supported by appropriate
           analytical techniques and interpersonal skills in the business management context.
    • Our graduates are able to demonstrate the abilities of broader understanding in
           evaluating various operational process and systems in the corporate environment.
    Graduate Credits 36 credits + Thesis / 2 years
    Degree Master of Business Administration

    EMBA Required and Elective Courses:
    Please visit http://www.cm.yzu.edu.tw/emba/ for detail information.