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About Us

The College of Management: A New Era for Management Education in Taiwan

Established in 1993, the College of Management at Yuan Ze University has gained much prominence and has been long recognized as the best, private management college in Taiwan. Through almost two decades of hard work and planning, we have built an academic reputation based on the pursuit of excellence in management education. In 2010, we made the decision to transform our organizational structure. The result is to build up a Student Oriented Environment. Under the new framework, we replaced majors with departments .

In 2011 and 2012, we earned the dual AACSB and ACCSB (Accreditation of Chinese Collegiate School of Business) accreditations, respectively. After earning our "dual A" accreditation, we have extended our presence internationally and have significantly expanded our network of collaborating schools around the world. Furthermore, we plan to implement the idea of "think local, act global" to give our students a more focused approach to participating in the global village. We strive to continuously improve ourselves, and are confident that in the near future we will achieve our goal of becoming an international bilingual college. Furthermore, we want to enhance our impact on the changing world and aim at becoming one of the premiere business schools in Asia.

We have set our sights on becoming an innovation hub, and are seeking to actively contribute to developing application-oriented research and furthering collaboration across disciplines, institutions and countries. Innovation has been a key tool in helping us meet the diverse challenges of the current uncertain environment in higher education. We have developed fresh strategies for recruiting students by acting as a bridge between the industry and the university in order to facilitate collaboration, advance cutting-edge research and equip students with management skills. We are training our students not only to be successful in variety of fields, but to be the next generation of leaders.