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Social Innovation and Startup Center (SISC)

Innovation and startups are major drivers of economic growth for a country. SISC embraces the social mission by advancing and giving back to the communities they serve by promoting the development of social enterprise and social innovation. To achieve the goal, SISC will conduct case studies of social issues and foster management talents for social innovation and startups. Also, SISC will corporate with the University, Far Eastern Group, the authorities, NGOs, and resources given from other enterprises.

Our Mission

College of Management has contributed to education and research of social innovation and startups and collaboration with industry is also a major focus. With these plenty of resources, the College founded SISC in March 2016. SISC integrates faculty and professionals to optimize the research and learning of social enterprise with a systematic approach and strategic direction, expecting to become one of think tanks for local enterprises and government.

  1. 1. For Enterprise: Firmly rooted in Tao Yuan area, SISC associates with local social companies and offers assistance and
       consulting services.
  2. 2. For Government: SISC systematically conducts research on issues of social innovation and startups, and develops
       knowledge management theories and tools. These efforts are to support Government for speeding up
       development of the social change section.
  3. 3. Foster talents of social enterprises and innovation: Integrating corporate needs and resources to invest in fostering
       professionals and course design.

Our Achievements

  • Leadership Development Camp: More than 3000 potential students finish courses in this social entrepreneurship

The Camp started from 2011 provides short-term intensive course about social enterprise and startup, entirely different from the typical learning platform. The course starts with organizing a team, helping students to boost team spirit. The second stage of the course is to learn the idea of social enterprise. The third is startup workshop, guiding students to comprehend concepts of understanding users, the definition of the problem, and finding solutions. The last stage of the course is to submit a social entrepreneurship startup proposal. The course has two camps in summer and winter vacation every year, and it has been four years since the Camp started. Important issues are raised: care for the minority, environment protection, food security, social benefits, the elderly benefits, excess labor supply, and cultural adaption. More than 3000 students with social awareness, ambition to developing startup and leadership quality achieve the goal and become potential social entrepreneurs.

Competitions and Awards

Leading by our instructors, SISC students perform excellently in many national competitions about social innovation and startup.

  • 2013 Project 2025: Champion of Planning Group, defeating 850 teams.
  • 2013&2014 TiC100 Social Enterprise and Startup Competition: beating more than 140 teams from 30 more
       universities and winning the First and Second Award.
  • 2014 Young Entrepreneurs for the Future (YEF): 17 of nearly 2000 participants from other schools nominated
       as delegates.
  • 2014 Student Entrepreneurial Challenge: wins the Best Award of Team Group.
  • 2014 ATCC Case Competition: Runner Up in the semi-final round.
  • 2015 Taoyuan Youth Startup Competition: “2/3 Canteen” wins Champion of Social Enterprise Group with the prize
       of 150 thousand dollars.
  • 2015 innoBomb Startup Contest: “Watching Over Shelter Pet” App wins Silver Award with 150 thousand dollars.

Go to SISC Official Website http://tryityzusie.weebly.com/for more information.