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After transforming the College of Management’s administrative structure, we renovated our offices and other public spaces to create a new atmosphere to represent our new start. To facilitate enthusiastic discussions between professors and students about case studies, we have built a few specific case-study classrooms, equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment to help facilitate class activities. We also have many rooms (space) which are server for the functions of Student Lounge, Student Club Office, Panel Discussion Room, Students Study Room, Research Center, and various labs (Financial Information Lab, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management Lab, International Financial Certification Lab, AIS Lab, Accountant Lab). We aim to continuously improve our facilities in order to show our diligence in the pursuit of teaching excellence and efficiency.

Provide Foremost Financial Industry & Economic Data in Taiwan

We are proud to be one of the business schools in Taiwan equipped with comprehensive data banks. These databanks allow the College to attract ambitious young faculty members and to rank first in scholarly publications in the field of finance and management. PS: For the AI research, we are working with GMDH Forecasting and Planning Software.


With a collection exceeding 360,000 volumes; subscription of more than 35,000 types of electronic periodicals; 100,000 types of electronic books, the library allows our students to simply log on and access a great variety of library resources through the Internet, making the library a great knowledge hub for teaching, research and community service. The average monthly access rate reaches over 60,000 persons, among them over 1,600 are non-YZU users from the community. Our library is one of the most popular libraries in the greater Taoyuan Area.