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MBA Program


To help MBA alumni meet the challenges of a quickly changing world, we equip our students with fundamental theories and practices, and guide them to apply this knowledge in the workplace. Our goal is to produce innovative, creative graduates with well-developed global perspectives and leadership abilities. To this end, we make extensive use of case studies to develop students’ ability to integrate and apply cross-discipline knowledge. YZU offers five options for the MBA: Global MBA (GMBA), MBA in Management and Service Science, MBA in Leadership, MBA in International Business, and MBA in Services Marketing. Each major will prepare students for an elite career in specific fields.

Global MBA (GMBA)
The GMBA is a premium program, taught in English, enabling students to learn at YZU and at another renowned university elsewhere in the world, with the possibility of earning dual degrees (MBA-MBA or MBA-MS). The student may choose from a wide range of second universities. Many of the choices are in USA, Australia, or elsewhere in the English-speaking world, though opportunities abound also in Europe and Asia. Emphasis is on inter-cultural management, including (at YZU) a Seminar in Chinese Business, and there are opportunities for language study. Special enrichment activities make this a truly special MBA experience. See the list of participating universities here

MBA in Management and Service Scienc

Our renowned professors have strong regional business and industry experience, allowing them to train students in decision-making and problem-solving so they may cope with todays real-world business situations. We equip students with a high level of English proficiency, and also strongly encourage students to contribute to top journals and participate in international conferences.
We stress both theory and practice in management education while focusing on the four knowledge modules of Service Innovation, Marketing Planning, Organization Strategy and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. To cultivate students’ insight and cross-discipline integration abilities, we utilize case studies in all four knowledge modules. We prepare our students for success both at home and abroad.

MBA in Leadership

We place great emphasis on strengthening students’ leadership skills as well as their understanding of the economic and cultural environment of Mainland China and the greater Asia-Pacific region. We have developed a wide range of curricula to help ensure that our students receive the highest quality education and become effective leaders in today’s rapidly changing business world.

Emphasis is placed on using various theoretical frameworks to analyze practical problems confronted by and relating to Chinese management. Courses offered include leadership theory and practice, leadership competency development, talent management, career development and management, Chinese organization and management and so on. Each semester, we hold leadership forums and offer internship opportunities to challenge students to understand and apply the different leadership skills they will need as organizational leaders. Furthermore, relatively small class sizes help foster extensive two-way interaction and collaboration, including mentorship programs, which serve to further expand students' international perspectives and advance their professional communication literacy.

MBA in International Business

We aim to produce successful international managers with truly international perspectives who are globally mobile. Our Asia-Pacific focus gives students a unique advantage in building their careers both within this region and beyond. To this end, we train students’ competitive abilities, inspire diverse thinking in international business and foster a valuable appreciation of Chinese culture.

This program addresses the complex environment of international business in terms of marketing needs and societal development. We provide management training in the diverse fields of international marketing, international business, industry analysis, strategy, technology, finance, and service management. Our case-based methodology promotes understanding of today's business world and deepens students' professional competency.

MBA in Marketing

Based on an integrated “foundation-profession-application” course design, the MBA in Services Marketing program aims to produce international managers with expertise in marketing planning and management for service industries. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with ICCAM capabilities in/across five dimensions: insight, creativity, communication, action, and management. 
ICCAM is the abbreviation of insight, creativity, communication, action, and management.

Our core courses focus on a holistic view of advanced marketing knowledge and integrated marketing thought. Our professional courses are built around marketing problem identification and strategic marketing planning. Our applications courses concentrate on communication and problem solving pertaining to any kind of marketing issue. Our graduates are expected to be marketing experts and elite in practices.

Kery Features


·         Internationalization: All courses are taught in English to develop students’ English communication proficiency.

·         A focus on markets and industry practices: Focusing on the economic trends and management issues in Asia, we help students develop cross-strait and international perspectives to become professionals with global mobility.

·         Educate ethical future leaders.

Learning Goals

·         Our students will develop problem solving skills and proficiency with appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques.

·         Our students will be effective communicators.

·         Our students will understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional lives.

·         Our students will possess the ability to formulate sound, appropriate financial or accounting policies.

Graduate Credits

54 credits + dissertation


2 years


Master of Business Administration (MBA)

List of Required Courses
Course Description:  http://www.cm.yzu.edu.tw/mba/content.aspx?category=17