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Faculty & Staff

Discipline of Digital Finance

Lee, Shih-Cheng

Title: Professor, Director of the Institute of Digital Finance, Node Leader Centre for Responsible Science

Academic BG.: Ph.D. in Finance, National Central University, Taiwan.

Speciality: Financial Risk Management、 Bank Regulation、 Accounting Based Valuation 、 Regulatory Technology (RegTech)


Chiu, Bang-Han

Title: Associate Professor, Director of Research Center for Smart Production & Innovation Management

Academic BG.: Ph.D. in Business Administration, National Sun-Yat-Sen University , Kaoshiug,Taiwan, September, 1990 –June, 1995

Speciality: Blockchain Finance Machine Learning Deep Learning Financial Risk management


Jiang, I-Ming

Title: Assistant Professor

Academic BG.: PH.D. in Department of Money and Banking, National Chengchi University

Speciality: Financial Engineering、Risk Managements and Statistical Applications in Big Data、Applications of Real Options Approaches、Empirical Studies on Financial Topics、Artificial Intelligence for Trading Systems and Training for Technical Analysis


Kuo, Zen-Zhi

Title: Assistant Professor

Academic BG.: Ph.D. in Economics, State University of New York at Binghamton, US

Speciality: Financial markets and investments, computational finance, international finance, big data analytics and forecasting, machine learning