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Doctoral Program

Doctoral Program (Ph. D./DBA)

This program is designed to develop the practical and research abilities of our student. To help foster interdisciplinary “cross-pollination” of ideas, we have created networks to link us with institutions and schools all over the world. Moreover, we emphasize training students’ abilities in journal article writing, public speaking, and presentations and teaching and research techniques. In addition, we waive tuition fees and offer scholarships to encourage students to enroll in our program.

We aim to strengthen the interaction between advisers and their advisees, and expect to become a research center which makes major contributions to business and management science in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Doctoral program consists:

  • Ph.D.
  • DBA (For local students)

  • Key Features
    Specialty Emphasize excellent faculty and academic atmosphere Provide an excellent environment:
  • Specialized laboratories, study rooms and classrooms.
  • Comprehensive Finance database, management database, and professional software.
  • Recruit distinguished professors and hold seminars to facilitate interactions with Ph.D.
         students and scholars.
  • Encourage and reward students to participate in international conferences.
  • We waive tuition fees and offer scholarships.(only for Ph.D.)
  • Recruit professors who are highly connected with the industry to hold workshops or co-teach
         with our faculty.
  • Invite senior executives from IBM, Industrial Technology Research Institute, and Commerce         Development Research Institute to teach and share with DBA students, providing practical         cases and experiences.
  • Competencies


    • Our graduates will demonstrate expert knowledge in a professional field of business
           management and mastery of selected analytic techniques.
    • Our graduates will conduct, design and implement independent doctoral research in
            their professional field.
    • Our graduates will be effective communicators and be able to effectively present their
           research outcomes in oral defense.
    • Our graduates will understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional
    • Our graduates will demonstrate that they are critical and reflective thinkers familiar with
           the principles of research methods.


    • Our graduates will demonstrate integrative analysis skills for strategic thinking and
           business diagnosis.
    • Our graduates will conduct, design and implement independent doctoral research in
           their professional field.
    • Our graduates will demonstrate management insights and effective communication
    • Our graduates will understand the importance of professional ethics and personal
    Graduate Credits 18 credits + Thesis / 2-7 years
    Degree Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D.) / Doctor of Business Administration(DBA)

    Ph.D. Required and Elective Courses: https://is.gd/IOEs0I
    Ph.D. Study Guide: https://dept.cm.yzu.edu.tw/phden/112 doctor of philosophy program study guide

    Please visit http://www.cm.yzu.edu.tw/PHD/ for detail information.