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MBA Program

Master of Business Administration(MBA)

To meet the challenges of a quickly changing world, we equip our MBA students with fundamental theories and practices and guide them to apply this knowledge in the workplace. Our goal is to produce innovative, creative graduates with well-developed global perspectives and leadership abilities. To this end, we make extensive use of case studies to develop students’ ability to integrate and apply cross-discipline knowledge.

The MBA consists of four major programs: Management and Service Science, Leadership, International Business and Marketing. Each major will prepare students for an elite career in specific fields.

MBA in  Business  Management 

Our renowned professors have strong business and industry experience, allowing them to train students in decision-making and problem-solving so they may cope with today’s real-world business situations. We equip students with a high level of English proficiency, and strongly encourage students to participate in international conferences and overseas studies to broaden their global mind.

We stress both theory and practice in management education while focusing on the four knowledge modules of Innovation, Marketing Planning, Corporate Strategy and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. To cultivate students’ insight and cross-disciplinary integration abilities, we utilize case studies in all four knowledge modules. We prepare our students for success at home country and abroad.

MBA in Leadership

We aim to develop students to become effective leaders of 21th century, which should require 4C skills, ie., communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Moreover, we stress the understandings of contextual knowledge in Great China area and Asia-Pacific region in order to prepare our graduates to be successful managers with global perspective as well as cultural sensitivity.

We have developed a wide range of curricula in three categories, including organization management, human resource management, and leadership competency development. We also encourage students to cultivate their leadership ability from various activities and teamwork experience. Each semester, we provide leadership forum, internship opportunities, as well as mentorship programs to help students well link organization theories and practices. Our graduates are required to participate in international conferences and overseas studies to broaden their cross-cultural experience.

MBA in International Business

Our aims have been set to equip our students with international management ethics and global perspectives, and to develop their global mobility. To achieve this end, we push our efforts forward to fostering a friendly and bilingual learning environment, and on the other hand, through our well-rounded and theory-practice balanced program, we drive and train our students to become industry-ready and professional in the international management field.

Our courses to graduate study involve a range of core and optional course elements over four study modules falling into international business management, such as – strategy, technology and innovation, business research and analysis, and management project practice. These courses provide the understanding of how multinational firms operate, compete, and sustain their competitive advantages in the scope of global marketplaces. Graduates of this program will be able to meld theory and its application in real businesses and industries, and therefore develop talents and competencies to be professional for becoming future strategic leaders and managers engaged in global business.

MBA in Marketing

Based on an integrated “foundation-profession-application” course design, the MBA in Marketing program aims to produce international managers with expertise in marketing planning and management for industries. Upon graduation, students will be equipped with the ICCAM capabilities in/across five dimensions: insight, creativity, communication, action, and management.

Our core courses focus on a holistic view of advanced marketing knowledge and integrated marketing thought. Our professional courses are built around marketing problem identification and strategic marketing planning. Our application courses concentrate on communication and problem solving pertaining to any kind of marketing issues. Our graduates are expected to be marketing experts and elite in practices.

Key Features
  • Internationalization: For foreign students, all courses are taught in English. For local
           students, they also can take these courses to develop students English communication
  • A focus on markets and industry practices: Focusing on the economic trends and
           management issues in Asia, we help students develop cross-strait and international
           perspectives to become professionals with global mobility.
  • Educate ethical future leaders.
  • Competency Goals
  • Our graduates will demonstrate complex problem solving skills, supported by analytical
         techniques beyond those taught to BBA graduates.
  • Our graduates will be effective communicators & coordinators.
  • Our graduates will be exposed to ethical aspects of each business subject, and will
         understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional lives.
  • Our graduates will demonstrate more advanced knowledge in business administration,
         and knowledge of strategic planning, alignment, and implementation.
  • Our graduates will possess the capability to integrate disciplinary foundations of
         business and management.
  • Graduate Credits 36 credits + Thesis / 2 years
    Degree Master of Business Administration

    MBA Required and Elective Courses: https://www.yzu.edu.tw/admin/aa/files/COURSES/530CM-MBA/109CM-MBA.doc
    Please visit http://www.cm.yzu.edu.tw/CH/MBA.html for detail information.