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BBA Program

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Our four major fields in Business Administration, Finance, International Business and Accounting support the development of business leaders with professional, cross-disciplinary skills, giving them a wide range of career choices and powerful competitive advantages when seeking careers in today’s highly-competitive job market. We allow students to choose from a range of eight specialized concentrations, plus a number of secondary concentrations, or to take the eight industry/cross-college secondary concentrations.

In order to broaden their global viewpoints and reduce barriers between learning and practice, we continuously educate our students about new concepts and make active connections with enterprises so as to provide opportunities for internships. Graduates of our programs will have bilingual communication competence and be ready for global mobility in their careers.

We provide a wide spectrum of concentrations under three main categories. The first category, the eight primary and secondary concentrations, includesBusiness Management, Leadership and Human Resources, Marketing, International Business, Investments and Corporate Finance, Investments and Risk Management, FinTech, and Accounting Professional. The second category is industry concentrations, and includes Leisure &Travel Management, Retailing Management, Financial Services Industry, Social Enterprise, Digital Business and Management, and Healthcare Services and Marketing Management. Finally, the third category is made up of cross-college concentrations, which include Communications Industry Management and Cultural & Creative Industry Management. These concentrations have been designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field or fields, as well as cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Key Features
  • Internationalization: We continuously improve our bilingual environment to connect with       the international community.
  • Industrialization: We connect our students with businesses to help develop their careers.
  • Diversity: We have designed flexible courses and offer students the option to change their
  • Competency Goals
  • Our graduates will demonstrate problem solving skills, supported by appropriate
         analytical and quantitative technique.
  • Our graduates will be effective communicators.
  • Our graduates will understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional
  • Our graduates will demonstrate basic all-around knowledge in business administration,
         finance, international business, or accounting.
  • Graduate Credits 128credits / 4 years
    Degree Bachelor of Business Administration

    BBA Required and Elective Courses: https://reurl.cc/3x2VYO
    Please visit http://www.cm.yzu.edu.tw/bba/ for detail information.