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Research center


The Management Competency Development and Research Center (MCDRC)

The center espouses the spirit of reciprocity as a platform for communication and collaboration

between academics and industry. We aim to foster closer interaction with industries to help their managers get in touch with leading-edge thinking. As the total solution expert, we encourage our senior professors to consult with business managers to solve real world problems. As a result, we have continually accumulated experience and been socially responsible in our collaboration with industries to reach our ultimate goal: to put down deep roots in Taiwan, to penetrate into the Chinese market and to broaden our influence in the greater Asia-Pacific region.

In addition, the center serves as a window of cooperation between our university and industries. Since its establishment, and thanks to the efforts of our entire faculty, the center has successfully made valuable contributions to the area of management knowledge by providing services for continuing education, industrial cooperation, education and training, research and development and business consultation.

Go to MCDRC Official Website http://mcdrc.cm.yzu.edu.tw/ for more information.