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MS Program

Master of Science (MS)

The MS program consists of two majors: Finance and Accounting. We utilize our considerable intellectual and material resources to develop analytical and managerial skills in our students through experiential learning. We are one of a few business schools in Taiwan that have rich financial databases. We also provide scholarships to encourage students to take internationally recognized certification examinations and collaborate with industries to offer internship positions.

The two MS programs are: MS in Accounting and MS in Finance.

MS in Finance

We provide a fundamental financial curriculum as the base, and have students to apply this expertise with the aid of our world-class financial databases in order to produce mature and skilled financial professionals. Students are required to write their theses in English, and our faculty is required to teach all course contents in English.

Our state-of-the-art laboratories enable students to develop and practice skills relating to financial decision-making, as well as simulating and applying knowledge relating to corporate governance, portfolio management and risk control. Our goal is to produce graduates who would become elite financial professionals in the academic and/or industrial fields.

MS in Accounting

We aim to train students to become professional accountants. Our curriculum is designed to emphasize the main learning targets, and we actively engage the “Big Four” accounting firms to impart the most up-to-date real-world practices to our students. We endow students with an understanding of essential accounting theories and practices, as well as encouraging them to develop their abilities through experiential learning. Students will be equipped with competitive skills that will ultimately lead them to become top-tier accountants.

We endeavor to provide students with theoretical constructs and practical experience in financial services and other business sectors. The courses are designed to develop students’ understanding of contemporary business topics across all key business sectors. Students are offered a variety of internship opportunities in public practice and industries.

Key Features
  • All courses are taught in English, and overseas study and internships opportunities are
  • Competency Goals
  • Our graduates will demonstrate complex problem solving skills,
         supported by advanced analytical and quantitative techniques.
  • Our graduates will be able to communicate competently and effectively in organization.
  • Our graduates will understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional
         lives,and show familiarity with the ethical dilemmas arising in their area of professional
  • Our graduates will be able to identify real life finance or accounting issues and explain
         the related observations or phenomena based on financial or accounting theoretical
  • Our graduates will be able to formulate financial or accounting strategies and policies
         that lead to theoretically sound and practically feasible solutions to real life issues.
  • Graduate Credits 36 credits + Thesis / 2 years
    Degree Master of Science

    MS Required and Elective Courses: https://www.yzu.edu.tw/admin/aa/files/COURSES/531CM-MS/109CM-MS.docx
    Please visit http://www.cm.yzu.edu.tw/MS/ for detail information.