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Professor Info
Yen, Yu-Xiang
Associate Professor 兼大學部行銷學程召集人
  • Green Marketing
  • Green Consumer Behavior
  • High-Tech Consumer Behavior
  • New Product Development and Management
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Technology Marketing and Management
  • Green Supply Chain Management
Academic BG.
  • PhD in Business Administration, National Central University, Taiwan, 2009 (June)
  • Special assistant of chairman, Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies, 2013 (Jan.)
  • Purchasing deputy manager, ATEN Solar Technology, 1012 (Feb.)
  • Post Doctoral research, National Central University, Taiwan. 2010 (Sep.)
  • Doctoral teacher, Asia University, Taiwan. 2009 (Aug.)
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  • Other Contributions
  • Yu-Xiang Yen (2018) 'Buyer-supplier collaboration in green practices: The driving effects from stakeholders', Business Strategy and the Environment, Vol. 27 No. 8, pp. 1666-678. (SSCI )
  • Yu-Xiang Yen and Shiu-Wan Hung (2017) ‘Why Do Buyers Share Knowledge with Suppliers in New Product Development? Current and Alternative Supplier Antecedents’, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, Vol. 24 No. 4, PP. 283-296. (SSCI )
  • Yu-Xiang Yen and Shiu-Wan Hung (2017) 'The influences of suppliers on buyer market competitiveness: an opportunism perspective', Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Vol. 32 No. 1, pp. 18-29. (SSCI )
  • 林鴻銘, 顏于翔*, 林鴻洲(2017年)。溫度與觸摸需求對尋求多樣化行為之影響。管理評論,第36 卷,第1 期,頁 55-69。(TSSCI)
  • Yu-Xiang Yen and Shiu-Wan Hung (2013) ‘How does supplier’s asset specificity affect product development performance? – A relational exchange perspective’, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Vol. 26 No. 4, pp. 276-287. (SSCI )
  • Yu-Xiang Yen and Shang-Yung Yen (2012) ‘Top-management’s role in adopting green purchasing standards by high-technology firms’, Journal of Business Research, Vol. 65 No. 7, pp. 951-959. (SSCI )
  • Yu-Xiang Yen, Edward Shih-Tse Wang and Der-Juinn Horng (2011) ‘Supplier’s willingness of customization, effective communication, and trust: a study of switching cost antecedents’, Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing, Vol. 26 No. 4, pp. 250-259. (SSCI )
  • Yu-Xiang Yen and Der-Juinn Horng (2010) ‘Effects of satisfaction, trust, and alternative attractiveness on switching intentions in industrial customers’, International Journal of Management and Enterprise Development, Vol. 8 No. 1, pp. 82-101.
  • Yu-Xiang Yen and Der-Juinn Horng (2007) ‘The outsourcing application in developing own brand: transformation from ODM business’, International Journal of Technology Marketing, Vol. 2 No. 4, pp. 364-380.
  • Yen, Y. X.* (2022). The Study of Green Innovation Antecedents- IoT Technology Adoption View. CBIM 2022 International Conference, Atlanta, USA (Online), June, 21-23. 科技部計畫編號:MOST 110-2410-H-155 -033 -SSS.
  • Yen, Y. X.* (2021). The Study of Firms’ Readiness for IoT Technology Adoption and Innovation Performance – MOA Framework Perspective. 2021 R&D Management Conference (管理一學門推薦國際學術會議), Glasgow, United Kingdom, July, 6-8. 科技部計畫編號:MOST 107-2410-H-155 -041-MY2.
  • Yen, Y. X.* (2019). How Firms Achieve Technology Readiness for IoT Adoption? - Views from Market Orientation and Adaptive Capability. 2019 22nd AMS World Marketing Congress (管理二學門推薦國際學術會議), Edinburgh, United Kingdom, July, 9-12. 科技部計畫編號:MOST 107-2410-H-155 -041-MY2.
  • Yen, Y. X.* (2018). The study of Internet of Things application in new product development- views from collaboration and innovation. 2018 R&D Management Conference (管理一學門推薦國際學術會議), Milan, Italy, June, 27-July, 1. 科技部計畫編號:106-2410-H-155-046 -.
  • Yen, Y. X.* (2017). Why do firms adopt IoT technologies? Perspectives of supply chain management. 2017 R&D Management Conference (管理一學門推薦國際學術會議), Leuven, Belgium, July, 1-5 . 科技部計畫編號:MOST 105-2410-H-155-056 -.
  • Yen, Y. X.* (2016). Collaboration with suppliers in green management practices-institutional theory antecedents. 2016 XXVII ISPIM Innovation Conference, Porto, Portugal, June, 19-22. 科技部計畫編號:MOST 104-2410-H-155-042 -.
  • Yen, Y. X.,* & Hung, S. W. (2015). Supplier influences on buyer market competitiveness – the opportunism perspective. 2015 XXVI ISPIM Innovation Conference, Budapest, Hungary, June, 14-17. 科技部計畫編號:MOST 103-2410-H-155 -045 -SSS.
  • Hung, S. W. & Yen, Y. X.* (2014). How do suppliers drive knowledge sharing with buyers?, International Conference on Technology, Innovation and Industrial Management (TIIM 2014), Seoul, South Korea, May, 27-30.
  • Yen, Y. X., Yen S. Y., & Woodside A. G.* (2010). Top-management commitment’s role in adopting green purchasing standards by high-tech industrial firms. 2010 Global Marketing Conference, Tokyo, Japan, Sep., 9-12.
  • Study of Collaboration with Suppliers in Green Management Practices- Institutional Theory Antecedents (104-2410-H-155-042-) 2015/8-2016/7
  • Supplier Influences on Buyer Market Competitiveness- The Opportunism Perspective (103-2410-H-155-045-SSS) 2014/8-2015/7
  • Marketing Management
  • New Product Development and Management
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Green Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advanced Research Methodology
  • 2016. Hao-Yun, Liu. Influence Factors on the Green Technology Use Behavior of Consumers- A Case of Electric Vehicle and Electric Scooter.
  • 2015. Ta-Yi, Chiu. The key factors of green brand equity in Taiwan's IT industry.
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Professor Info

Yen, Yu-Xiang


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