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Discipline of Marketing

Lanlung,Chiang (Luke)

Title: Associate Professor, Convener of Marketing Discipline

Academic BG.: Ph.D. in Hospitality Management & Marketing, Iowa State University, USA

Speciality: New Retailing (OMO), Consumer Experience Marketing Sports Marketing, Sustainable Marketing Destination Marketing & Management


Liao, Shuling

Title: Professor & Dr of MK Group

Academic BG.: -Ph.D. in Consumer Sciences and Retailing, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA.

Speciality: Consumer Online Usage Behavior Electronic Word-of-Mouth Consumer Metacognition Marketing Management Consumer Bargaining Consumer Behavior Retail Management Branding Strategy E-Shopping


Li, Po-Chien

Title: Professor & Dean, Office of General Affairs

Academic BG.: PhD in Marketing, College of Business, University of Missouri at Columbia, Missouri, USA.

Speciality: Industrial Exhibition Marketing; Personal Selling and Sales Management; Enterprise Marketing Capabilities;


Chen, Chih-Ping (Lola)

Title: Deputy Dean for Academics;Professor & Director of MBA and Ph.D. programs

Academic BG.: Ph.D. in Marketing Management, University of Exeter, UK, January,2001~June,2006

Speciality: Social Media & Marketing Management Personal/Brand Community Consumer Behavior Technology Consumption Cultural Studies Gender Identity


Yen, Yu-Xiang

Title: Associate Professor 兼大學部行銷學程召集人

Academic BG.: PhD in Business Administration, National Central University, Taiwan, 2009 (June)

Speciality: Green Marketing Green Consumer Behavior High-Tech Consumer Behavior New Product Development and Management Relationship Marketing Technology Marketing and Management Green Supply Chain Management


Chen, Etta Y. I.

Title: Assistant Professor

Academic BG.: PhD in management, Department of Business Administration of National Chengchi University

Speciality: Consumer behavior Elder consumer Behavioral pricing Conspicuous consumption Brand experience Service Failure


Hsieh, Kuo-Nan

Title: Assistant Professor

Academic BG.: DPhil in Science and Technology Policy Studies, SPRU, University of Sussex

Speciality: Social Media Marketing Brand Community Management Service Innovation Digital Retailing Innovation Service Marketing


Hsun-Chi Chu

Title: Assistant Professor

Academic BG.:

Speciality: Social Marketing e-commerce Marketing Strategy Cross-border e-commerce Consumer Behavior