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Since the foundation, it is the 20th anniversary of the College of Management of Yuan Ze University. Currently, there are about more than ten thousand of alumni at every corner of the society, who are engaged in different kinds of works with faithful spirit and hard-working attitude. The alumni are one of the key intangible assets of our school as well as the people to be consulted and learned from of the underclassmen. In order to strengthen the connection, we actuated a good cycle of mutual feedback, establishing a relationship of “alumni cooperative partner” which promotes the alumni to visit the schools and to enhance the fellowship with the professors and the underclassmen. A system of “outstanding alumni” has also been promoted as to praise the extraordinary alumni.


Hereby, we encourage all students of the College of Management of Yuan Ze University with the role models of Ms. Yeh, Nay Di of ICP DAS CO., LTD who has always been engaged with education and charity works, Ms. Chen, Li Ru who was awarded with Taiwan 100 Super MVP, Mr. Cai, Zhang Ying, founder of the first national flexible printed circuit boards OTC company, and Mr. Lu, Yao Zhu, the winner of the Contribution Award of Job Creation granted by the Executive Yuan.