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BBA Program

This program stresses the concepts of innovation, flexibility, vitality and passion to lead students’ through academic learning to success in the workplace. We provide comprehensive courses in four different majors (Business Administration, International Business, Finance and Accounting) to help students develop their problem-solving abilities, and we offer them the option to change their major once. In addition, we have built a bilingual environment to help students connect with the international community, and strongly encourage our students to study abroad. Finally, we aim to nurture students with multi-disciplinary abilities to give them a competitive advantage in their future career pathways.

We provide a wide spectrum of concentrations under three main categories. The first category, the seven primary and secondary concentrations, includes Business Operations Management, Leadership and Human Resources, International Business Management, Investment Strategy and Financial Markets, Corporate Finance and Industry Analysis, Marketing and Accounting. The second category is industry concentrations, and includes the Leisure &Travel Industry and Retail Management. Finally, the third category is made up of cross-college concentrations, which include Communication Industry Management and Cultural &Creative Industry Management. These concentrations have been designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of their chosen field or fields, as well as cross-disciplinary knowledge.

Kery Features


  • Internationalization: Are continuously improving our bilingual environment to connect with the international community.
  • Industrialization: Connecting our students with businesses to help develop their careers.
  • Diversity: We have designed flexible courses and offer students the option to change their major once.

Learning Goals

  • Train students to be T-shaped leaders.
  • Promote individuals’ multicultural perspectives.
  • Provide specialized curricula taught in English.
  • Our students will understand basic core business principles and current business issues

Graduate Credits

128 credits


4 years


Bachelor of Business Administration

Course Description: https://portal.yzu.edu.tw/vc2/global_cos.aspx?Lang=EN