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Prof. Chien-Te Ho

Professor Chien-Te Ho Research Profile

Technology Management faculty member, Jonathan C. Ho’s research is in the area of technology evaluation for strategic innovations. While focusing on this area, his research on evaluation of emerging technologies for strategic purposes has taken views from various perspectives.

From technological perspective, his papers, “Evaluating technology-strategy compatibility for related DRAM-foundry diversification using the analytic hierarchy process,” published in Research Evaluation, and “A strategic technology planning framework: A case of Taiwan's semiconductor foundry industry,” published in IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, applied multiple criteria decision models to evaluate emerging technologies for competiveness.

From organizational perspective, the papers, “Technology evaluation process and its influential strategic factors: Cases in Taiwan semiconductor sector,” published in Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, “Strategy and Process of Value Creation and Appropriation in Service Clusters,” published in Technovation, and “Technology evaluation in Taiwan's technology industries: Strategies, trajectories, and innovations,” published in Technological Forecasting & Social Change investigated organizational decision processes in the face of innovative technologies. From systematic perspective, the paper, “A typology of technological change: technological paradigm theory with validation and generalization from case studies,” published in Technological Forecasting & Social Change, viewed technologies in an industrial system, and the paper, “Technological barriers and research trends in fuel cell technologies: A citation network analysis," also published in Technological Forecasting & Social Change, reviewed individual technologies in a broader technological system.

In sum, insight is the result of investigations from different angels. With multiple perspectives, the research on technology evaluation for strategic purpose should be able to yield holistic explanations on organizational innovation and competitiveness.