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Prof. Yuhsuan Chang

Professor Yuhsuan Chang Research Profile

Leadership and Organization faculty member, Yuhsuan Chang received her PhD in counseling psychology from the Purdue University and finished APA-accredited internship at University of South Florida. She is a Licensed Counseling Psychologist in Taiwan as well as management consultant in industry. Dr. Chang integrates her expertise in the development and application of assessment in organization with her experience in career management. She has helped Intelligent Electronics Institute to establish online personality competency test for employees in IC design industry. The developed test can be used in personnel selection, job training, leadership development, team building, and organizational culture evaluation.

Her research and professional interests include personality assessment, perfectionism, stress and coping, career management, and interview method, workplace mental health promotion, and healthcare issues. She has published papers in the journal of Career Assessment, Personality and Individual Differences, Journal of Nursing Management, Health Policy, and etc. She has strong interest in developing personality and career-related measures that are behavioral-focused data instead of traditional attitude orientation. Also, she has examined the effect of personality of perfectionism relation to a variety aspect of job outcomes (e.g., burnout, job satisfaction). Recently, she has conducted studies related to assessment center as a personnel selection method and investigated the impact of personality factors.