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Prof. Min-Ping Huang

Professor Min-Ping Huang Research Profile

Organization Management faculty member, Huang Min-Ping, her research interests include leadership and teamwork, and work on finding the indigenous constructs or the moderating effect of Chinese cultural values to build Chinese organization behavioral theories. In past five years, she published 8 papers and 2 book chapters, including some on top-tier journals, such as Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, and Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology.

One of Huang’s paper works on build up charismatic leadership theory in Chinese cultural context. She and her team members create a new measure of charismatic leadership for Chinese enterprises, and build up a theory to identify the multi-level mediation path and the moderating effect of cultural values. This paper won the Annual Best Paper Award, Journal of Management (Taiwan) (2013), and United Microelectronics Corporation’s Annual Best Paper Award (2015). Another article, "Paternalistic Leadership and Subordinate Responses: Establishing a Leadership Model in Chinese Organizations", was listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for Leadership & Organizational Behavior eJournal, and ORG: Transformational Leadership. (2011).